Friday, September 16, 2011



We're getting there!

We're getting closer and closer to winter!  I know, I'm very excited unlike some people who hate winter...well, because we live in California and it doesn't really snow here.  So get the best of the weather.  Cold but not extremely.  And so we still don't need to don on those jackets that weigh a ton in order to go around.

It's really exciting, I can't wait to bring out the winter clothes, and oh the boots!  I think I'm going over them this weekend.

My hubby is doing the same thing.  But I'm pretty sure about what he's going to bring out first...his Dakine Snow Gloves  and his Dakine Beanies that will be on the foyer like a bunch of little kids waiting for the ice cream truck. It's not even snowboard season, but in my experience, trust me, the gear is by the foyer ready for any impromptu trip up to Tahoe.

I think I'm thinking too much ahead, but I can't help but anticipate the coming winter.  I always like reading a book by the fireplace anyway, and strutting in the city in my new boots.

Meanwhile, I'm going to focus on my projects -- especially the art-related ones.  My friend just got me into Origami...and I'm also working on a book illustration project.  Aside from that, I'm going to art classes in October and finally hook up with the local art gallery. 

Time flies fast.  But life is good.

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