Friday, June 8, 2012

Hawaii or Vegas???

Being busy making art while keeping an 8-5 deskjob (or keeping an 8-5 deskjob while making art) can be challenging, well, not if we have 36 hours in a day, but we only have 24. It's not physically stressful, but sometimes my heart feels like it's going to burst when I have a sudden vision or when I'm nurturing a beautiful idea inside my head I couldn't get my hands on my art materials....and stay glued on paperwork and the work PC instead.  But I'm thankful because the regular job pays the bills, while my art whims makes the bills.  Teehee!

I need a vacay soon (and perhaps be able to find time to sit down and focus on my art pursuits). But lately, two opportunities opened up.  A good deal for a Hawaii trip..and a very tempting opportunity to go wild in Vegas (wild with money, that is). The latter sounds like a perfectly good prospect for some well-deserved respite, especially with the hubs willing to buy me cirque du soleil ka tickets AND cirque du soleil o tickets  (yes both!!!) He's also interested in cirque du soleil michael jackson the immortal tickets which I will not argue with since I was also a big MJ fan, and well, as long as hubby pays the tickets, right? I like the cirque for their very artistic performances, and because simply put,  SURREAL IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.  Exciting right? 

Plus the never-ending buffets? Yes, I think I just made up my mind.

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